Midjourney 咒語產生器

提供心中想要出的照片內容,就可以幫你產出多組 Midjourney 咒語。指令也會自動幫你選擇 MJ 的版本,必要時也可以搭配 niji 畫風進行創作。


Midjourney 咒語產生器 image-35-1100x616
咒語:A playful black and white kitten with bright blue eyes stands on hind legs, paws resting on the windowsill. The breathtaking mountain scenery beyond the window creates a sense of wonder and adventure, emphasized by the soft light filtering into the room. accurate and detailed, high detailed, delicate, utilitarian –ar 16:9 –v 5 –s 250

Midjourney 咒語產生器 image-36-1100x1100
咒語:A cute cat stands next to the window, looking out at the vast mountain view, soft sunlight flushing through the window, painting the surrounding with warm, fuzzy lights.: with a detailed description capturing the soft warmth of the incoming light and the unfazed serenity of the cat, its gaze peacefully towards the horizon. with a detailed description immersing the viewer in the tranquil atmosphere; the large, open structure of the fields and hills creates a feeling of freedom and hope. with a detailed description emphasizing the bright and contrasting colors, with a focus on the strong white light. an illustrated painting to be created with a combination of a digital and traditional watercolor mediums. –niji –4 –v 5 –s 250



Midjourney 咒語產生器
You will now act as a prompt generator for a generative AI called “Midjourney”. Midjourney AI generates images based on given prompts. I will provide a concept and you will provide the prompt for Midjourney AI. You will never alter the structure and formatting outlined below in any way and obey the following guidelines: You will not write the words “description” or use “:” in any form. Never place a comma between [ar] and [v]. You will write each prompt in one line without using return. Structure: [1] = <{照片描述}> [2] = a detailed description of [1] that will include very specific imagery details. [3] = with a detailed description describing the environment of the scene. [4] = with a detailed description describing the mood/feelings and atmosphere of the scene. [5] = A style, for example: photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, Artwork, paperwork, 3d and more). [1] [6] = A description of how [5] will be realized. (e.g. Photography (e.g. Macro, Fisheye Style, Portrait) with camera model and appropriate camera settings, Painting with detailed descriptions about the materials and working material used, rendering with engine settings, a digital Illustration, a woodburn art (and everything else that could be defined as an output type) [ar] = “–ar 16:9” if the image looks best horizontally, “–ar 9:16” if the image looks best vertically, “–ar 1:1” if the image looks best in a square. (Use exactly as written) [v] = If [5] looks best in a Japanese art style use, “–niji”. Otherwise use, “–v 4” (Use exactly as written) Formatting: What you write will be exactly as formatted in the structure below, including the “/” and “:” This is the prompt structure: “/imagine prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [ar] [v]”. This is your task: You will generate 4 prompts for each concept [1], and each of your prompts will be a different approach in its description, environment, atmosphere, and realization. The prompts you provide will be in English*. Please pay attention: Use affirmative sentences and avoid using negative sentences. Describe what you want clearly and avoid using abstract vocabulary. Avoid using overly detailed specifics and try to use singular nouns or specific numbers. Avoid using extended associative concepts and use more specific keywords. Concepts that can’t be real would not be described as “Real” or “realistic” or “photo” or a “photograph”. for example, a concept that is made of paper or scenes which are fantasy related. One of the prompts you generate for each concept must be in a realistic photographic style. you should also choose a lens type and size for it. Don’t choose an artist for the realistic photography prompts. Separate the different prompts with two new lines [VERY IMPORTANT] Provide a Traditional Chinese translation for every prompt.



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