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No-IP 遭微軟「綁架」,多數網址無法正常運作


No-IP 是國際上非常知名的動態 DNS 服務,近日發生服務大規模中斷、無法連線問題,甚至連官方網站都無一倖免。根據 No-IP 發表的正式聲明指出,微軟在未與 No-IP 溝通的情況下狀告聯邦法院,要求法院將 No-IP 旗下 22 個最常用的網域交給微軟進行「安全過濾」,聯邦法院也同意了這項請求,但因微軟的伺服器效能無法負荷 No-IP 客戶大量的網域查詢,因此造成數百萬使用者無法正常連線。

動態 DNS 服務為 No-IP 主要提供的服務之一,面對這突如其來的「綁架」事件,不只使用者嘩然,連 No-IP 也是一頭霧水。網友 kfei 更在網誌上痛批:「這絕對是史上最扯蛋的判決之一, 美國的恐龍法官和微軟的無恥程度同樣讓人驚嘆不已」,顯見網友對於微軟霸道行為的不解與憤怒。


根據 No-IP 最新的更新,目前旗下所擁有的網域僅有以下未經微軟過濾的網域能夠正常運作,使用 No-IP 的朋友請直接挑選這些域名,以免造成自身困擾:


TWNIC 也提供免費動態 DNS 服務

台灣的站長可以不用擔心,因為除了 No-IP 以外,TWNIC 也提供動態 DNS 服務,只要你註冊的域名有 (泛用型) 英文網域,都可以免費使用 TWNIC 提供的動態 DNS 服務。


No-IP 正式聲明稿全文

We want to update all our loyal customers about the service outages that many of you are experiencing today. It is not a technical issue. This morning, Microsoft served a federal court order and seized 22 of our most commonly used domains because they claimed that some of the subdomains have been abused by creators of malware. We were very surprised by this. We have a long history of proactively working with other companies when cases of alleged malicious activity have been reported to us. Unfortunately, Microsoft never contacted us or asked us to block any subdomains, even though we have an open line of communication with Microsoft corporate executives.

We have been in contact with Microsoft today. They claim that their intent is to only filter out the known bad hostnames in each seized domain, while continuing to allow the good hostnames to resolve. However, this is not happening. Apparently, the Microsoft infrastructure is not able to handle the billions of queries from our customers. Millions of innocent users are experiencing outages to their services because of Microsoft’s attempt to remediate hostnames associated with a few bad actors.

Had Microsoft contacted us, we could and would have taken immediate action. Microsoft now claims that it just wants to get us to clean up our act, but its draconian actions have affected millions of innocent Internet users.

Vitalwerks and No­-IP have a very strict abuse policy. Our abuse team is constantly working to keep the No-­IP system domains free of spam and malicious activity. We use sophisticated filters and we scan our network daily for signs of malicious activity. Even with such precautions, our free dynamic DNS service does occasionally fall prey to cyber scammers, spammers, and malware distributors. But this heavy-handed action by Microsoft benefits no one. We will do our best to resolve this problem quickly.


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